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Mentorship Sangha

A Journey into the Cosmos and Beyond

This is a personal invitation for you to join an intimate group who have expressed interest and have shown the ability to stay committed to learning the Art and nuances of Yoga.  It is for those of you who are bold enough to engage in the deep study and practice of yoga, and who are searching for that inner dimension of yoga to make it more relevant to your life and perhaps for the good of a more synergistic and harmonious planet. 

The time and effort created for this mentorship has come out of a deep desire to rediscover the inner dimensions of yoga, to share my personal investigation and experiences, and to illuminate the original traditions, for the threads of the history and philosophy of yoga are in the web of the practice, re-spun through our veins and our breath.

Advanced Yoga is Being completely who you Are - its not the amount of action but the depth of the breath and the experience that makes this practice rich and fulfilling. There is nothing more beautiful in all the Arts than to make something appear simple. And if you try to do any thing in your life, you know that it seems illusive to achieve that effortless simplicity, yet this IS the crux of the teachings.

- Patanjali Shastra ll-47- Prayatna-saithilya-nanta-samapattibhyam


To do justice to this very brief (1 year) study, I have decided to narrow down the topics for examination from my 38 years of personal notes, and my own yogic library of Upanishads, documentaries, Vedic chants and exclusively recorded teachings from my gurus.  These teachings also include the practical application of the genius of Krishnamacharya’s vinyasa krama yoga asana.

I will both guide the work sequentially and purposefully, but also encourage your spontaneous interactivity and personal insights so that together we can incubate concepts ideas and toss them around further, and investigate and identify the profundity of these ancient traditions.

To join me in this mentorship program, you must have a strong will and be able to make a steadfast commitment to trust in this process and let it slowly over time and persistent practice unveil the sacred principles and essential properties of ancient meditation and self-discovery. 

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If this peaks your interest please contact me for further information on the start dates, syllabus, class structure and cost agreements.

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