It's all about the breath

Pam Johnson


Hear what Pam has to say about Vinyasa Krama — the style of Himalayan Pranic yoga she has been studying and teaching for over 37 years. Storage of prana can’t be static, because the nature of prana is to circulate. Vinyasa is a breathing system.

Meet Pam

"When I started mentoring with Pam, everything came alive for me. Even seemingly simple things like ujjayi breath became nuanced, profound and interesting because of her depth and breadth of understanding.

She has stayed with a single lineage for several decades and as a result, can impart not just the how’s of Vinyasakrama but the why’s, the sequencing options and adaptations.

Learning this lineage with her is a unique opportunity that I have not bn able to find elsewhere at this level of detail”.

Sonia Sheely



A Yogi studies yoga for the depth of the teaching not for show but for vision.

Breath is the crux of Pam's teachings. It's the breath that sustains the body, and the breath that sustains the mind. Pranayama, the ancient art of breath, is a practice used by yogis to cultivate awareness, and bring oneself to meditation.

Pam has taught Vinyasa Krama for over 25 years under the tutelage of her teacher, Srivatsa Ramaswami. This architectural practice moves the body through artfully curated and balanced sequencing that is matched with a deep ujjayi breath. Krishnamacharya created this system of balanced movement and breath to bring his students to deeper awareness and a balanced energetic basis for meditation.