I have known Pam Johnson for more than 37 years now. She is one of my earliest yoga students in USA. As a senior student and originally as part time teaching help at John Coon’s Yoga Center in Houston she studied with me during several visits- running for several weeks- to the Yoga Center, Pam Johnson studied with me, in considerable depth, the vinysaskrama method of yoga practice, which I had learnt from my Guru Sri T Krishnamacharya. She has been very diligent and an exceptional student studying the Sutras and other ancient texts with me as well. Some of her exquisite pictures doing very important asana vinyasa sequences appear in my book, “Yoga for the Three Stages of Life”. She has also helped me with skillful demonstration of many asana sequences in conferences and workshops and hosted me in her studio for several years. She has for a number of years now been teaching Vinyasakrama in her studio and also nationally.

Pam is also a museum level fine artist, specializing in large-scale black and white drawings and biomorphic sculptures. For Pam these disciplines nurtured the creation of Breath the Pulse of the Universe. As an artist she has been able to combine yoga asana sequencing, breath and artistic movements into a unique and spectacular presentation Breath the Pulse of the Universe. I wish her well.

Srivatsa Ramaswami
Renowned Teacher and Author


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Pam Johnson’s Vinyasa Krama Immersion offers a window into the subtle and profound aspects of yoga practice.

After a week of daily asana, pranayama, and chanting, I feel significantly more energetic and positive through out my day (even after consistently getting no more than four or five hours of sleep each night.) I am convinced this practice will enhance my senses and sensitivity, the way I smell and hear and see and feel. I am most interested in how this unique, lineage based practice can facilitate my relationship with intuition and right timing. Pam’s vinyasa krama module inspires me to actively work on honing intuition or faith and to decrease anything that distracts me from this beautiful aspect of God. I want to be able, ready, and willing to sense and receive divine appointments.

Hannah Underwood
Student of Pam Johnson


What I learned during Module 1 whetted my appetite for more, and I was anxious to explore kramas 7-12.

I thought the teachings were absolutely consistent and well connected. The first part of Module 2 provided a nice review of key points and concepts from Module 1 which facilitated the transition into the new material.

Not only was the material content consistent between the two modules, the teaching method and daily routines were consistent. Consistency and stability give students a sense of confidence and trust in the message.

Yoga is a body of knowledge and practice no one can ever master completely; there is always more to learn, more to explore. Vinyasa Krama is a system of Yoga founded in ancient yogic history, yet richly viable and relevant to today. Pam Johnson’s experience and knowledge of Yoga, and particularly Vinyasa Krama and Pranayama, are extensive. Having the opportunity to study and practice with Pam is nearly like learning from the master Krishnamacharya who developed the Vinyasa Krama system.

Scott Williams
Student of Pam Johnson

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I signed up for Pam’s VK immersion hoping to deepen and reconnect to my home practice. I received so much more.

Pam is masterful in her instruction and her exceptional depth and knowledge of core fundamentals offer a unique and comprehensive Yoga experience with a focus on breath, Pranayama, Kriyas, Ayurveda and philosophy.

I signed up for Pam’s VK immersion hoping to deepen and reconnect to my home practice. I received so much more. The intensive with Pam gave me such a vital gift and an integrative approach to studying and practicing a truly authentic Yoga. She is masterful in her instruction and her exceptional depth and knowledge of core fundamentals offer a unique and comprehensive Yoga experience with a focus on breath, Pranayama, Kriyas, Ayurveda and philosophy. The course was outstanding and features key components often neglected in many classes and western teacher training courses. Not only do I have a daily practice curated by Pam but a precise and intelligent approach to an equally nurturing and challenging one. I’m so very grateful to her deep reverence to her teachers and a deep bow in gratitude for sharing this incredible approach to well being in body, mind, soul and breath. I highly recommend this truly an artful offering of traditional and healing ancient teachings for all levels and with a consideration for contemporary lifestyles.

Bridget Shields, MFA
Yoga Therapist, ERYT500, IAYT
Wise Earth School of Ayurveda


In all my years of searching for senior Yoga teachers that can transmit the tradition they have been extremely hard to find.

Those rare souls that have depth of knowledge, utter dedication to study, immersive practice and the gift of teaching are gems. Please check out Pam Johnson and make a trip to Houston this March, you will be transformed!

Steven Ross
Sacred Roots Yoga and Healing

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When I started mentoring with Pam, everything came alive for me.

Even seemingly simple things like ujjayi breath became nuanced, profound and interesting because of her depth and breadth of understanding.

I've had the opportunity to take yoga teacher training and related studies from several amazing teachers over the years. However, I didn't feel like everything I learned was completely integrated. One teacher might be particularly good at asana, another might have greater understanding of pranayama, and another might be better at wisdom teachings or chanting.

She has stayed with a single lineage for several decades and as a result, can impart not just the how's of Vinyasa Krama, but the why's, the sequencing options and adaptations. Learning this lineage with her is a unique opportunity that I have not been able to find elsewhere at this level of detail.

Sonia Sheely
Private Student of Pam Johnson


Pam’s Knowledge and experience as a Yogini and teacher are extensive, my expectations were more than met they were exceeded.

In a world fraught with hectic distraction and competing priorities that seem to change with the wind, I think we desperately need a strong basis of routines and rituals to help us return to our center and find calmness in the tempest that surrounds us. I can say with complete certainty the practice touched me personally and absolutely resonated with my spirit. There is a powerful and thoughtful beauty and elegance to the methodology.

I have had a daily asana practice for several years, mostly in contemporary Yoga studios mixed with some home practice.  As I explore Vinyasakrama more deeply, I can envision my personal practice evolving toward its practice as my primary method of Yoga.

This breath-centric methodology provides an excellent compass within the framework to select elements that focus on specific parts of the body as needed. I find that aspect much more beneficial than, for instance, the rigid structure of Ashtanga Yoga. Whether one has practiced a form of Yoga for a week or a lifetime, one will be well served to engage in the exploration of Vinyasakrama as Pam Johnson presents it.

The immersive approach of the course Pam presents is prefectly suited for truly learning about the Vinyasakrama methodology.  Just as Vinyasakrama itself is based on moving progressively through one’s body, the Vinyasakrama Immersion Pam presents moves progressively and systematically through the vast body of knowledge.  Coupling the knowledge sharing with daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation significantly reinforces one’s learning.

I am looking forward with great anticipation to learning more in the second module of the Vinyasakrama Immersion course!

Scott Williams
Module 2 Student

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Although I am a yoga beginner at 63, I am finding that my classes with Pam (in which we incorporate yoga breath work with the flow and grace of yoga movements) are unexpectedly spilling over into my daily activities.

I am almost reflexively thinking about my breathing and body position as I balance going down steps and pivot into a low car. When I found myself in a long line at the store, I took a deep breath, aligned my posture and did slow focused  breathing instead of having my usual impatience. Even in my housework, as I struggled with my heavy vacuum, I was doing what came 'natural' to me–exhaling on the pushing motion, and it was hard work. Then I remembered Pam teaching that in Yoga, generally, I should work on the inhale (push the vacuum) and do the exhale on the more relaxing part of the motion (pull the vacuum back toward me). Vacuuming became so much easier for me, just like some of the movements Pam was teaching me that were so much less difficult when I also did my breath work correctly.

I feel that in the short time I have been learning Yoga with Pam that I am improving my balance, muscle tone, posture, strength, and flexibility. Those things are fairly easy to see and measure. (My husband even noticed!)

But I am changing in ways much more difficult to measure as well:  my mood, my sense of well being, my sense of self… I can’t say where exactly all of these improvements have come from but I know Pam would say, “It’s in the breath.”

Karen Davidson
Private Student of Pam Johnson


Pam Johnson is a Master Teacher, a teacher of teachers. She stands tall amongst the rare few of humble modern yoga experts carrying authentic teachings and upholding the integrity of yoga.

"Free from any contradicting and confusing practices of commercial and branded yoga, Pam brings a refreshing acumen of yogic training. Schooled for over twenty years by one of Krishnamacharya's longest standing disciple's outside his family, Srivatsa Ramaswami and realized Himalayan Yoga adepts and Vedic scholars, I feel safe that what I receive from Pam is nothing I'll need to 'unlearn' later.

"Being a yoga teacher, and a student under a Himalayan Master myself, I am cautious and discriminating about who I study with. Pam is a gem, a humble transmitter of the Himalayan Vinyasa Krama system and an artist at articulating the energetics, physical intelligence and depth of this system in an accessible way. I've had so many 'ah-ha' moments studying with Pam. She just knows how to bring it all together without watering it down. Besides new discoveries in my own practice, I've learned so much from her to share with my students. Plus she knows all the nuances of the system and maintains it's purity without convoluting anything. I have yet to find anyone like her!"

Kara Weimer
Yoga Instructor and Massage Practitioner





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