Breath Coaching

Meditation Mudra

Make a long-term commitment to your inner transformation by taking breath coaching classes with Pam. In these sessions, you'll focus on all aspects of what it takes to holistically access your full potential as an individual. Each session is focused on what layers we need to pull away and work through to teach therapeutic applications of the breath suited for your constitution and place in life.

With practice of the breath you will begin to enter and dwell in the space between your inhale your exhale, if you let the breath guide you away from fear and self centeredness, and keep on the internal path of self-evolution maybe, the next story, the next phase of life, or even a truer vision of your next world will surface.

Sessions typically cover:

  • Sitting properly to access the path of the breath — you can’t practice pranayama without a proper asana

  • Cleansing the body to prepare for pranayama practice

  • Lecturing on benefits, ancient teachings and current technology of breathing techniques

  • Practicing the presented techniques for long-term development.

These sessions are designed for you to learn how to commit to a long-term personal practice of breath work.  If you keep coming back, we can go deeper to see what we truly need to work on to bring holistic balance to your internal organs, your mind and your personal development. 

Session Length

45 minutes each


  • First Consultation: $108 1hr

  • One Lesson: $60

  • Six Lessons: $330 (2 mo)

  • Twelve Lessons: $690 (3 mo)