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Located in the heart of the Heights, this beautiful, historic building, originally established as a grocery store in 1935, is no stranger to serious yoga students and spiritual adepts alike. Keeping the original integrity of the building, the interior has been transformed into a clean sacred environment with, soothing colors, soft light, wood beam ceilings and thoughtful adornments. There is plenty of parking and easy access to the building.





Participating in the first section of Immersion Training of the 12 Kramas changes everything I know about yoga.

“Much of what we refer to as Yoga in today’s western world is little more than a high fashion workout, with loud music and a minimally trained instructor, with no connection to the origins or intentions of the practice.

“Krishnamacharya stated, you can’t learn this from a book, you can only learn it from a teacher. Some materials published on the original Himalayan techniques are incorrect and incomplete. Problem is, I don’t now what I don’t know. And very few teachers have the skill and the willingness to teach it, so it is not widely taught.

“I’m very grateful for this opportunity to study with Pam. We explored the fascinating history and commentary from many great minds and original sources, and practiced original sequences as documented by Ramaswami, where every breath has a movement and every movement has a breath. We practiced a variety Pranayama techniques in our daily practice. Pam is an encyclopedia of knowledge.

“Practicing this material in an immersion setting is physically challenging for a week, but it really can’t be done any other way. It can’t be done in a weekly class. You need to see the progression and take the time each day to practice the material as it would be practiced. It takes time. But I had this sudden flash of insight, an "A-ha!" moment: I now understand where everything I have learned comes from, and how and why what I was taught was modified for me and my individual body. What I have been taught previously with another instructor is rooted in the classic but changed to make it accessible for me in my unique physical state.

“Another unexpected benefit of the immersion training is the creation of community. Here a small group of committed students got the chance to build connections and share insights as we explored together and built upon each other’s curiosities and experiences.

“It was a very rich and rewarding experience, and I’m really looking forward to the second section.”

Paula Kelman



Yoga Educator, a Breath & Body Coach, Owner of Heights School of Yoga,

Artistic Director of BREATH the Pulse of the Universe

1547 Rutland Street, Houston, TX 77008   |   paminbreath@gmail.com