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Life Breath to Meditation Essential: Yogic Practices with Pam Johnson


Urban Fit Yoga Houston
5702 Feagan St.
Houston, Texas 77007

$25. Must sign up by 12 noon July 12th.
Please bring a mat and eat lightly at least 1 hour before.

Pranayama brings you to the doorway of mediation. 

The breath is physical, physic, and spiritual.  Ancient wisdom calls upon the breath to move the spirit!  Through Breath, you slow the heart rate, calm the nervous system, & quiet the mind.

Life is a series of breaths.  All functions depend on the act of breathing. Imperfect assimilation of the breath is an undernourished body.

Pranayama is a seated practice.  This Life Breath to Meditation Workshop will begin with purification cleanses, followed by particular fundamental pranayama practices that nourish the vital organs and quiet the mind. 

A kind of grace will ensue through stillness and pregnant pauses between the inhale and exhale, the vibration of sound and the energetic after effect of these guided practices will create a kind of grace that returns us to the essence of our being. That space where we can choose from freedom and not from habit, seducing you into the farthest reaches of your universe.