Friday, March 22, 2019 through Saturday, April 6, 2019

All 12 kramas containing varied asanas with their sub sets will be surveyed along with the methods of superimposing the synchronized Ujjayi breath. We will look at the effects on the internal organs and the alignment as it is created through proper flow of the Ujjayi breath.

By examining all 12 kramas in detail along with varied pranayama techniques, you will be able to pick and choose pranayama’s and appropriate vinyasas to thread together for your personal use, or modify the application for particular student needs.

Consecutive days: The Immersion STARTS Friday, March 22nd 7-9pm | on Sunday, March 24 you will have the DAY OFF | The immersion will END Saturday, April 6th morning only till @11am Classes will be daily from 7am - 8pm. Please go to schedules & kramas to see full details.


On or before January 19, 2019: $3,100
After January 19, 2019: $3,300

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