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Daily focus is on understanding the intricacies of each yoga asana within its respected krama, pranayama, textual study and meditation. . You are welcome to immerse in Module 2 dramas 6-7 even if you were not able to participate in module 1 Kramas 1-6.

Registration will be significantly limited to ensure excellent student teacher interaction.

For questions about the classes and participation needs contact Pam Johnson at

Questions about registration, financing or extenuating situations when life circumstances takes priority contact Sonia Sheely at




Although I am a yoga beginner at 63, I am finding that my classes with Pam are unexpectedly spilling over into my daily activities.

“I am almost reflexively thinking about my breathing and body position as I balance going down steps and pivot into a low car. When I found myself in a long line at the store, I took a deep breath, aligned my posture and did slow focused breathing instead of having my usual impatience. Even in my housework, as I struggled with my heavy vacuum, I was doing what came 'natural' to me–exhaling on the pushing motion, and it was hard work. Then I remembered Pam teaching that in Yoga, generally, I should work on the inhale (push the vacuum) and do the exhale on the more relaxing part of the motion (pull the vacuum back toward me). Vacuuming became so much easier for me, just like some of the movements Pam was teaching me that were so much less difficult when I also did my breath work correctly.

"I feel that in the short time I have been learning Yoga with Pam that I am improving my balance, muscle tone, posture, strength, and flexibility. Those things are fairly easy to see and measure. (My husband even noticed!)

"But I am changing in ways much more difficult to measure as well: my mood, my sense of well being, my sense of self… I can’t say where exactly all of these improvements have come from but I know Pam would say, 'It’s in the breath.'"

Karen Davidson
Private Student of Pam Johnson



 Yoga Educator, a Breath & Body Coach, Owner of Heights School of Yoga,

Artistic Director of BREATH the Pulse of the Universe

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